An Afghan soldier guards on October 31 in Kabul near a suicide attack. (Omar Sobhani / Reuters)

A US military member was killed in an insider attack in Kabul on Saturday and another wounded when a member of the Afghan security forces opened the fire.

The wounded soldier was evacuated for medical treatment at Bagram Airfield, a US military base about 55 miles north of Kabul, said Debra Richardson, a spokeswoman for the NATO coalition in Afghanistan, in a statement.

Richardson said the attacker was shot down by other Afghan troops present at the scene.

Afghan Defense Ministry spokesman Sayed Javid Ghafoor confirmed her account.

He said the attack took place in a base in Kabul, where foreign troops are training Afghan forces.

The motive for the attack – the second insider attack in less than two weeks on a base against foreign troops – was not immediately clear.

The Taliban praised Saturday's attack, saying it was led by a "reasonable" Afghan.

Ten days ago, foreign troops avoided visiting the Afghan bases for insider attacks after a Czech soldier was shot down by a command of the Afghan armed forces.

Last month, US military officials announced that they had stopped most of their personal contacts with members of the Afghan security forces and had temporarily withdrawn from Afghan security facilities following two insider shootings in which a senior Afghan police chief and a commander-in-chief were killed soldier

Recent attacks have raised new concerns about attacks by Afghans in uniform that have killed more than 150 US or coalition forces or entrepreneurs and wounded about 200 since 2008.

Such insider attacks peaked in 2012, but have since steadily declined, with additional checks on Afghan recruits, additional guards accompanying foreign advisers, and the withdrawal of most foreign troops. However, in the past two years there have been several such deadly attacks, including some of well-trained Afghan commandos.



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