Vaccine delivery is growing rapidly: USA ahead of China and EU

The number of vaccine doses that are distributed worldwide is increasing from week to week, explains the pharmaceutical association IFPMA. Biontech / Pfizer is still at the top, but Chinese vaccines are catching up.

The number of corona vaccines delivered is growing from week to week fast. This was reported by the international pharmaceutical association IFPMA on Tuesday with reference to a list of the data platform Airfinity. The EU is among the top 3 recipients.

In an interview with the journalists’ association ACANU in Geneva, IFPMA Director General Thomas Cueni defended himself against allegations that the industry was more likely to deliver to rich countries than to the United Nations solidarity project Covax, which buys vaccines for all countries, including those with low and middle incomes.

Biontech / Pfizer is at the top

In the week up to February 22nd, according to this information, the vaccine from Biontech / Pfizer remained the most widely delivered, with a good 82 million doses, up four percent compared to the previous week. The Chinese company Sinovac delivered 74.4 million (plus 46 percent), AstraZeneca 55 million (plus 22 percent) and Moderna almost 50 million (plus ten percent).

Am fastest The drug from the Chinese company Sinopharm, which has recently also been inoculated in Hungary, increased: by 286 percent to almost 30 million doses. The Sputnik V vaccine stayed at 8.3 million doses. James Robinson of the Coalition for Innovations in Epidemic Prevention (CEPI) estimated that ten billion cans will be produced in the entire year.

USA got the most cans

Most of the vaccine doses delivered to date went to the USA: a good 26 percent. China was behind with 14.7 percent, followed by the EU with 12.6 percent, Indonesia with a good 5.8 percent and Great Britain with just under 5.8 percent, as the association reported. Aside from China, by and large most of the cans went to the hardest hit countries and regions, Cueni said. It is not true that countries with low and middle incomes are not given a chance. India, Brazil, Turkey, Russia, Israel and Morocco followed in the next places.

Governments that ordered and paid early and ran the risk of losing a lot of money if the company failed would also be supplied first, Cueni said. Covax only signed contracts in December. Nevertheless, the promise of two billion vaccine doses to Covax will in all likelihood be exceeded this year.



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