Velvet – Rubber Sugar – Hungarian woman impressed Simon Cowell

At first he elegantly toasted to the television producer, then with his stunt he really took him and his jurors off his feet Christine Elisabeth Bérczes. The dog dancer from Hollókő got on with four yeses America’s Got Talent talent show.

Bérczes arrived on the studio stage with his Australian Shepherd, Meredith. During his performance, he shaped Belle’s character The beauty and the Beast in one installment, but before the music sounded and he danced his dog — unknowingly — he scolded Simon Cowell a little when the producer asked how they had flown to America from Hungary.

By plane

Replied the women of Hollókő with noble simplicity, and the rest of the audience and the jury burst out laughing.

After that, Sofia Vergara tried to shine her knowledge of film history, according to which an evening-long production was made with dancing dogs. The actress was disillusioned with Heidi Klum, who drew attention: Vergara a Dancing with wolves thinks of. The supermodel then wished Bérczes a lot of success, who, along with Meredith, amazed the audience with reality.

While the jury won’t be surprised, the audience wiped away their tears from the experience.

In the post-production evaluation, Heidi Klum put it this way: the story was what set this performance apart from other dog performances, while Sofia Vergara loved the Australian Shepherd dog dancing happily.

My dog ​​really enjoyed the show and the audience didn’t want to let him go: they were lined up waiting for them to caress me. We are happy to succeed, but for me the real recognition is that even more people get to know, recognize this sport and try dog ​​dancing

Said Hungary’s most famous dog dancer, who not only teaches in his home room, but also teaches online, including to owners and puppies in America, Slovenia and Austria.