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Venezuela | Chavismo calls for mobilization to "celebrate" Venezuela's exit from the OAS | Nicolás Maduro | World | Venezuela

Caracas. The ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) called on Monday supporters to a mobilization on Saturday 27 to "celebrate" the departure of the oil nation of the Organization of American States (OAS), a process that initiated the regime of Nicolás Maduro two years ago.

"We want to summon all our militancy to two large mobilizations (…) this Saturday, April 27, the deadline for Venezuela definitely leave the Organization of American States", said at a press conference PSUV spokesman, Hector Rodriguez.

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The governor of Miranda state (center) indicated that in the next hours the party will inform the route of this mobilization with which they seek "celebrate" the "final departure"of the organism, which they consider a space of"domination and subordination to American interests"

The mobilization will also coincide, as usual, with the announcement made by the head of Parliament on Saturday, Juan Guaidó, recognized as interim president of Venezuela by more than 50 countries.

That day, Guaidó, who proclaimed himself as interim president of Venezuela considering a usurper to Maduro to win a vote labeled as fraudulent, he plans to swear in his bases in the so-called "help and freedom commands"It has been formed in the last month and there are already more than 3,000," he said on Friday.

The opposition leader also called the march "larger" of Venezuela against the ruler for May 1, Labor Day, and a date in which traditionally supporters of Maduro are mobilized in the streets to support who they recognize as the "worker president"

The call to the mobilization of the ruling party for May 1 was made official this Monday by the spokesman of the PSUV.

"Of course (…) the first of May we will be in the streets as we are all the first of May to celebrate our day, the day of the working class (…) with our president in front, the president of the workers", He said.

Source: EFE



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