Venezuela: Paulina Facchin, Venezuelan activist, received notice of expulsion from Peru

Paulina Facchin, human rights activist in Venezuela, denounced this Wednesday that the Peruvian government has notified him of a resolution of expulsion from the country after living more than 10 years in Lima. As she explained, the authorities argue that she lied in the information provided during the process that she carried out to obtain Peruvian nationality.

“Due to the political persecution I suffer, in 2018 I applied for Peruvian nationality, fulfilling all the legal requirements, and that became an arbitrary process and a witch hunt in the best style of Chavismo, but in Peru,” he told RPP Connection News.

“Personal and family information was exposed on social networks on social networks and in August 2020 they informed me that an arbitrary expulsion process was beginning. They allege that I lied at the time of applying for nationality, which is completely false,” he added.

process reopening

Paulina Facchin assured that the process closed a year later with a result in her favor, but surprisingly they reopened the case to later sentence her and thus be sent to Venezuela.

“I defended myself and the case was closed in August of last year, but it was reopened on Friday and I am being tried twice for the same situation. At no time have I been allowed access to the file. I work in a law firm, I I presented my corresponding credentials that were approved by the Ministry of Labor and Migration,” said Facchin.

For the activist, this persecution has been starting since the Maduro regime and materializes when in the countries “the socialist government of the 21st century wins.” “Nicholas Maduro He wants to take me to Venezuela for denouncing his actions against human rights. To become a new political prisoner,” he stated.

On the other hand, he indicated that although it was only notified today, the National Police You can execute the expulsion at any time and it only remains to wait for them to proceed to capture her and repatriate her to her country.