Very good. “Orrace”, age 4, rode a jet ski for the first time, fearful of twists and turns.

Orace At the age of 4, very brave and talented. Ride a jet ski for the first time, exert unrestrained torque. Father Ple Very proud Many people applauded the future champion.

I must say that I have full blood for my father. Little sister A 4-year-old girl, the youngest member of the Silachai family. That today makes the pride of Father Ple Nakorn As a champion of jet ski racing. With a picture of talent combined with a confident determination to ride a jet ski for Nong Grace’s first time not just sitting down. But this little girl exerted her unstoppable force Father Ple Still shocked to ride along, hardly ever

From the latest EP. In the channel ple nakorn CHANNEL on YouTube OH MY DAD & The 4 O In the meantime …! But the leg was less than 55, or Grace rode alone for the first time. Father Ple Said that he was a person who taught his children Everyone rode their own jet skis, and Grace trained from the age of 3, starting with a ride together to keep learning and familiarization until today, the skills of Grace’s riding began. I did, so Ple let him ride alone for the first time. And the picture that comes out is not disappointed, Orrace did a great job.

This Orace Also said that he grew up wanting to become a world champion as well … In terms of safety, Father Ple said that he was lost because of his safety.



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