Very heartbreaking. The mother of the victim of the dead who was hooked to death couldn’t resist, walked 50 kilometers barefoot. until you have to go to the hospital

Very heartbreaking. The mother of the victim of the dead who was hooked to death couldn’t resist, walked 50 kilometers barefoot. until you have to go to the hospital while the villagers spread the rumor The deceased are expected to be worried because it is the pillar of the family

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On May 9, 2022, reporters reported that The case of Mr. Boonkerd Phromwat, 40, was hit by a telecommunication cable connected to his neck causing a motorcycle to fall over, fracture his skull, in serious condition in front of Lamduan Hospital, Lamduan District, Surin Province. The incident happened on the night of 29 April 2022 on Highway No. 2077 and later died at Surin Hospital.

Then there was a funeral ceremony on May 4, 2022, while many villagers They spread rumors of humility. There were many people who saw the spirit of Mr. Boonkerd riding his trusty motorcycle into the house several times. It is expected that there will still be concerns because the deceased is the pillar of the family. And still have 3 children to take care of, a wife and mother-in-law, a total of 5 lives. Yesterday, May 8, 2022, it was found that On 8 May 2022, Mrs. On Promwat, 63 years old, Mr. Boonkerd’s mother, died. dress in white

walked out of the house and outside the house in the field Throughout the night on May 8, 65 in the past without eating and drinking. while the daughter-in-law and relatives had to sit and watch all night before in the morning Walked more than 50 kilometers from the house to the city of Surin during 8:00 AM on May 9, 2022 and then came to dance like a Wai Kru style. in front of the barracks 25th Military District, Surin Province

The relatives stated that they would be very sad and very traumatized. So I still can’t stand the sudden loss of my son and is the only child. So it made me lose my mind. causing the people who passed by to see them feel pity and pity a lot and during the call of lifeguards The mother of the deceased was taken to the Surin hospital with exhaustion. continue treatment

Mrs. Pornthira Phomawat, 42, wife of the deceased, revealed that before, her mother was in good health without any disease. Since your son passed away He was depressed, seldom eats, had a violent temper, was like rampant. Then his mother dressed in white and walked out of the house from Lamduan district about 50 kilometers in the province and went to dance in front of the camp. The soldiers therefore notified the paramedics to be taken to Surin hospital for treatment.

The mother of the deceased son, Mrs On Phromwat, told the hospital that Admit had to stay at the hospital. Because the body is exhausted and has severe depression and Mrs. Pornthira Phromwat, 42 years old, wife of the deceased. Must be the pillar of the family and must take care of both the mother-in-law and the other three children. with a representative of the communication company that caused the cause in the morning at the house of the deceased The compensation for the damages has not yet been concluded.

because the wife of the deceased asked for compensation for damages such as child support, tuition fees, future tuition fees Lack of benefits from the chartered van business and other income that the deceased earned during his life and the mother-in-law who had to go insane a certain amount which the company will bring to the meeting again