Sports Víctor Sánchez del Amo says goodbye to Málaga after...

Víctor Sánchez del Amo says goodbye to Málaga after the video: “It's unworthy”


"On Tuesday via WhatsApp the director general sends me a letter, for the video, for the declarations prior to the Oviedo match. And they deny me entering La Rosaleda and communicating with my own staff. They don't even ask me what my mood is, with everything I suffered, ”said Víctor Sánchez del Amo at his farewell to Málaga.

“I offered them a simple agreement. '' Give me the bill and since you don't love me, we fix it: I want to collect until the last day worked. But they wanted to give me less than worked. It is unworthy, unacceptable! They even wanted to control my communications. I told them that I wanted to continue. ”

I was hurt by the deal: "Not a question about my personal condition and the club's response was the letter of dismissal." But not the costumes: “We all cry in the costumes at the farewell. I asked them not to mislead them. There are already seven games without losing. "

He repeated that what happened to him is a serious matter: “My family is a victim of this situation. I ask for maximum respect for myself and my family. Also for the investigations that are being carried out. It is a very serious issue, it is not for banal talk. These crimes get people to commit suicide. It is very serious. ”


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