This Wednesday, May 13, 2020, in Brest, at the school of the Red Pillar, for the few students present, the recovery was quiet. At two different times and in compliance with health rules.

It is 8:45 a.m. this Wednesday, May 13, 2020. “The CE2! “ call a teacher. Nobody. »CM2! “ she continues. Eight students cross the threshold of the school, via a dedicated queue, bounded by a security barrier. “Watch your distances! “ launches a mother to her son, as a last advice. “ We keep our distance ”, she repeats. To reassure yourself better?

This Wednesday morning, at the school of PIlier-Rouge, it is a recovery of a somewhat special kind. After two months of confinement due to the coronavirus epidemic, few students respond.

The re-entry of CE2 and CM2 follows that of CP and CE1, large sections and Ulis, which took place ten minutes earlier, at 8:35 am. As there was only one CM1, the latter waited to return after CE2 and CM2. Each group of levels has a sector well identified by a floor marking and a barrier. The goal is to avoid crowds outside the school.

“Look forward to seeing the friends again”

Students are greeted at the entrance to the school by teachers and staff wearing protective masks. For the most part, children are thrilled to be back in school! “It’s good to come back … Two months at home was a long time! “ specifies Razvan, in CM2. “I mainly did Playstation. But in the end, I was fed up “, adds Viacheslav, another student. ” I was bored. I was looking forward to seeing my friends again “, recognizes Neo.

Back to school for the Red Pillar. © OUEST-FRANCE

But the students know it. “It’s a weird comeback”, underlines Viacheslav. The pace of school is different. Only two days a week to allow groups of fifteen students maximum per class in elementary school, and ten in kindergarten.

“Her father and I are working”

Estelle supports her son, Nathanaël, in CM1. He is the only one of his level. “We had no choice. My son has to go back to school because his father and I are working. “ She is a merchant and her spouse works in a college. “But anyway, it was time for a more normal life to resume. Two months of confinement at home is a long time for everyone! “ Estelle has three children aged 3 to 12, ages that still require special attention from their parents.

Before returning to class, here are some students who are waiting to wash their hands, leaving a distance of one meter between each. © OUEST-FRANCE

Daycare or not daycare?

For Estelle, in this resumption, an unknown is that, for the moment, Nathanël is the only one of CM1 to return to school. Won’t he feel a little lonely?

Estelle has another very concrete concern regarding daycare. Classes end early at 3:45 p.m., knowing that Tap (extracurricular activities) have not resumed. Estelle and her husband finish around 7 p.m. However, uncertainties remain about the organization of daycare centers due to a lack of staff. The school principal recognizes that the situation remains complex: “For daycare, we don’t know yet”.


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