VIDEO – Aleksandar Cavric from the hospital: Rana! Martin Škrtel fired me

9.5.2022 17:45

Slovan Bratislava’s opening goal did not silence the roaring fans of Trnava in Sunday’s final of the Slovak Cup. They fell silent only for the moment when Aleksandar Čavrič remained motionless under their sector at the beginning of the duel.

In the fall, the Serbian winger Slovan centered over Martin Škrtel, and Captain Spartak hit him in the head with his ass. Aleksandar Čavrič hit the grass on the ground.

VIDEO: The intervention of Martin Škrtel from 39:52:

He was immediately ratified by the main referee Peter Ziemba, teammate Ivan Šaponjič and Martin Škrtel. After a minute and a half, the doctors put Aleksandar Cavric on his feet. Martin Škrtel managed to apologize, but the still shaken winger had problems with balance and after a while he sat down.

They brought him out of the playing area on a stretcher. A worried fiancée ran after him from the stands to the bowels of the stadium with tears in her eyes.

Weiss: Rude, unsportsmanlike intervention

Slovana coach Vladimír Weiss st. revealed in the post-match press that the football player was hospitalized. Martin Škrtel’s intervention criticized: “‘Chaki’ has a concussion, he is in the hospital. Martin’s intervention was on the verge. With all due respect to him, when you look at it slowly, he played the body, not the ball. It was a rough intervention on the verge of aggression. He’s so learned to play, I take that, but it was a tough intervention, unsportsmanlike. ”

He returned to the former Liverpool FC tracker and national team trustee in another answer: “Martin will win practically every fight. He confirmed the enormous strength and enthusiasm, but I did not like the intervention on Aleksandar Čavrič. He could have solved it differently, the ball went out of the court. ”

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Čavrič from the hospital: I’ll be fine

The fast-legged winger spent the night in the hospital watching. “I couldn’t sleep all night because of a headache. Today I feel a little better. The worst is over and I believe that it will only get better, “he said from the hospital for the Slovan website in the morning.

After the clash with Martin Škrtel, he has a “window”: “I don’t remember much. All I know is that I tried to keep the ball on the court and suddenly I felt a hard blow. At that moment, it seemed to take me out for about a minute, it was a real blow. Everyone came to help me and at first I wanted to continue because I really wanted to play. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel stable after that hard blow, I couldn’t keep up. That’s why they had to replace me. ”

The 27-year-old former youth representative of Serbia assured the fans: “I want them to know that I will be fine. I underwent a CT scan with a negative result, it did not show any further complications or injuries. Maybe I’ll be fit soon. I’m very sorry I couldn’t help my teammates. I’m also sorry I couldn’t play in front of such a nice backdrop. And of course I’m sad about our loss. ”

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