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Video: Look back at Shakira’s looks with Vogue

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Maybe your infatuation with Shakira started with Hips Don’t Lie, the hit that dominated the summer of 2006; maybe your relationship with the Colombian superstar dates back to albums released in the 90s; or maybe you converted in 2020 thanks to Girl Like Me, her collaboration with Black Eyed Peas. In any case, it is undeniable that the singer-songwriter’s discography is impressive and that her style is just as impressive. What could be more logical, then, than to review the looks that marked the career of Shakira ? And who better than her to criticize it?

She signed at Sony Music Colombia when she was only 13 years old and today celebrates her 30 years in the music industry by covering the cover of Vogue Mexico and Latin America. Equipped with an iPad including his most striking styles, Shakira states that “the life of an artist is made up of successes and failures”.

The most striking stage look

To begin, Shakira looks back on her look of Latin Grammy Awards 1992: a red body associated with red leather leggings and a sequined scarf tied around the hips. “It was a really special night because I left with several Grammys,” she smiles. “I remember that I chose red thinking that it would be a striking color, that the movement of my hips would have even more effect. »A precursor to Hips Don’t Lie?

Shakira’s key criteria for her successful outfits

While browsing the following looks, we discover some of her favorite outfits: “Xena the warrior style” in MTV Video Music Awards 2001; “Disheveled and sexy” to MTV Video Music Awards 2005; a “fresher image” for the launch of the album Oral Fixation, Vol. 2; and his favorite look, a simple jeans and T-shirt completed by a tan of the Bahamas (where she lived in the early 2010s).

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What about failures?

Let’s move on to the outfits she likes the least. She analyzes a faded fishnet bodysuit / denim vest set on the red carpet of VH1 Divas Las Vegas 2002. “I don’t know what got into me, it’s not a success,” she laughs. She credits her stepmom with her 2012 short blonde haircut: “Worst mistake of my life! Mother-in-law, I will never listen to your aesthetic advice again! “. Then she accuses a leopard dress of making her look like “an ill-wrapped tamal” on the red carpet.


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