VIDEO. The last straw! Vandals stole half a tire from the Carlos Vives monument in Valledupar

A few hours ago it was announced that the visited statue of the renowned Carlos Vives in Providencia Park in the city of Valledupar, was stolen by some criminals, having a CAI in front of it.

Although fortunately only a part of the statue was stolen, exactly half the tire of the bicycle where the singer is mounted, this situation causes much indignation among the inhabitants.

The local portal intervallenato shared a video on its social networks where it shows this act of vandalism, and they take the opportunity to remember that Carlos Vives himself was the manager of this project that allows them to have such a beautiful and visited park.

“There is no right for these acts of vandalism to continue to be committed in Valledupar against the monuments of our figures and artists who have brought glory to the municipality of Valledupar and Colombia,” the reporter said in the video.

On the other hand, several Internet users were offended by the fact, and even more than by the robbery, because they assure that there is a CAI on the entire front of this sculpture, but apparently the authorities did not notice or are aware.

«What makes me the most angry is that there is a CAI under their noses» «And the police officer passes by and sees them with their cell phones chatting»….

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2023-06-05 23:01:22