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Villefand asked not to frighten Russians with a “pressure saw”

Roman Wilfand, the scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center, said that the media should not intimidate readers with frightening terms, and called the "baric saw" an invention. About this writes TASS.

According to Wilfand, atmospheric pressure is constantly changing, as baric formations (areas in the atmosphere with a certain pressure) move. “Pressure fluctuations are a constantly existing situation, and it’s completely normal. But as soon as the specialist comes up with something frightening, it is immediately picked up with great pleasure, ”the weather forecaster explained.

According to him, the term "baric saw" is not related to meteorology.

At the beginning of October, the leading specialist of the Phobos weather center Alexander Sinenkov warned of the "baric saw". “Atmospheric pressure (October 11 and at the weekend) will jump up and down, this state is called a bar saw: 745 mm Hg today, 736 mm Hg. Art. tomorrow, sunday again 745 mm RT. Art. ”, he said.

Earlier in November, Wilfand urged colleagues and journalists not to speculate with vivid expressions in weather forecasts. In his opinion, meteorologists should speak interestingly, but in a professional language. At the same time, he himself announced the “pink winter” in Russia.

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