Volvo Cars Japan will partially change the equipment of the middle size station wagon “V60” (Volvo V60) and introduce a 48V hybrid in the power train to electrify all cars and sell it from October 21st. Start. The price ranges from 4.99 million yen to 7.99 million yen.

Instead of the conventional “T5” powertrain, a new 48V hybrid model “B5” has been adopted and the “B4” has been added as an entry powertrain. In addition, a plug-in hybrid (PHV) model “Recharge Plug-in Hybrid T6” has been set, and all V60s have been electrified.

48V hybrid system improves fuel efficiency and achieves high-quality driving

The “B4” and “B5” are equipped with a hybrid system that stores the electric power generated by the regenerative braking by ISGM (Integrated Starter Generator Module) in a 48V lithium-ion battery to start the engine and assist power. ISGM is used to charge battery modules, start engines, assist vehicle output and brake. In addition, the engine was started instead of the starter motor to significantly reduce noise and vibration when restarting after idling stop, and to achieve a higher quality driving performance.

In addition, it will be equipped with a 2-liter 4-cylinder gasoline engine, which is the third generation of the new-generation powertrain Drive-E with about 90% of the parts newly designed. It realizes excellent efficiency, environmental performance, and compact design, and considers a high level of collision safety performance as well as a new generation body structure. By reducing friction inside the engine and introducing a cylinder deactivation system, fuel efficiency has been improved.

New product line “Recharge” that symbolizes Volvo electrification

The recharge plug-in hybrid T6 AWD is a PHV model of Volvo’s “SPA” platform for medium and large vehicles. The new product line “Recharge,” which means “externally rechargeable,” will be used as the name for EVs and PHVs that will be introduced in the future, and will be positioned as a symbol of Volvo Cars, which is promoting electrification.

A drive-E 2.0-liter 4-cylinder supercharged direct-injection turbo engine that generates 253ps / 350Nm and an electric motor that produces 240Nm are placed at the rear. Including the normal “hybrid mode”, in “pure mode”, zero emission driving is possible only by EV driving, and the plug-in range is 48.2km. You can also select a “power mode” that maximizes the power sources of the engine and motor.

Entry model changed powertrain to 48V hybrid system

The entry grade “Momentum” has changed its powertrain from T5 to B4. At the same time, the specifications and equipment have been changed to “keyless entry”, “driver’s seat 8-way power seat (with driver’s door mirror interlocking memory mechanism)”, “power tailgate (with hands-free opening / closing mechanism)”, “door handle (with door handle) (Same color as the body, with ground light) ”is standard equipment, and the B4 powertrain is installed at a price of 4.99 million yen.

The new “Inscription Expression” is an entry grade PHV model. We reviewed the equipment level and realized a price that is easier to purchase than the “Recharge Plug-in Hybrid T6 AWD Inscription”.

The R-design is a sporty grade that allows you to enjoy sophisticated driving with special equipment and sports suspension. Equipped with glossy black finish accents, 18-inch exclusive aluminum wheels, exclusive open grid textile / fine nappa leather combination sports seats, and genuine leather / silk metal sports steering wheels.

Equipped with automatic ventilation function in the car

The equipment has also been partially changed, and the “Clean Zone-Advanced Air Quality System (with PM2.5 sensor and automatic ventilation function inside the car)” has been adopted. By removing particulate matter from the inside of the car, up to 95% of PM 2.5 particles are discharged to the outside of the car. Optimizes the air quality inside the car and suppresses the adverse health effects of air pollution and fine particles. In addition, “Wireless Smartphone Charge” is standard equipment. The optional B & W premium sound audio system has been upgraded to improve sound field reproducibility and a new jazz club mode has been added.

Limit maximum speed with care key

In addition, a new 180km / h maximum speed limit and care key have been introduced. Limiting the maximum speed of all Volvo cars to 180 km / h, as overspeeding of cars is one of the major causes of serious fatal accidents. In addition, by using the care key, the maximum speed of the car can be limited to an arbitrary lower speed in advance when a beginner or an elderly person drives or rents out to another person.

All models are equipped with advanced safety and driving support functions such as city safety as standard equipment.

Advanced safety and driving support functions are also standard equipment on all vehicles. “City safety (collision avoidance / damage mitigation braking system)” equipped with “oncoming vehicle support function”, “pedestrian / cyclist detection function”, “intersection support (oncoming vehicle detection function when turning right)”, etc. “ACC (adaptive cruise control) with all vehicle speed tracking function”, “pilot assist (lane keeping support function)”, “BLIS with steering assist (blind spot information system)”, “CTA (cross) with collision avoidance / damage mitigation braking function” “Traffic alert)”, “Run-off road mitigation (road deviation avoidance function)”, “Oncoming lane mitigation (oncoming lane collision avoidance support function)”, etc. are provided.


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