Vox crosses all lines with its macho attacks on Minister Irene Montero in Congress | Violent aggression by ultra-right deputy Carla Toscano

The Vox deputy Carla Toscano has crossed all the lines with her macho insults against the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero. She did it this Wednesday in the Congress of Deputies, where the Budgets of the Ministry of Equality were being debated.

For the extreme right, anything goes, even insults, and he made it clear when he stated that the minister’s “only merit” has been “studying Pablo Iglesias in depth.” Faced with these macho words, the groups of PSOE, Unidas Podemos, ERC, Bildu and the CUP reacted by shouting “not everything goes” or “out”.

The first vice-president of the Congressional Board, Alfonso Rodríguez Gómez de Celis, who was acting as president, asked that he withdraw from the daily session. However, the minister rejected it so that it remains patent the “political violence that is being exercised at this moment in the seat of popular sovereignty” and so that after her “none will come”.

Given these macho words, Irene Montero has received numerous messages of support from members of the Government and deputies from other parties. “We are together against sexist violence. Denying it is a way of exercising it. Raising it on the rostrum of Congress is crossing an intolerable line. We will continue forward with conviction and determination. All my support, Irene Montero,” wrote the Prime Minister, Pedro Sancheza Twitter.

The second vice president Yolanda Diazaffirmed that “it is intolerable that insults and sexist attacks are uttered” to Montero in Congress, to add that “not everything is valid in politics” and that Spain is “better than the party of hate.”

In this line, the head of Consumption and federal coordinator of UI, Alberto Garzonsaid that “the extreme right has once again demonstrated its toxicity, its hatred of feminism and women’s rights and also its incompatibility with the basic principles of democracy.”

Government spokesperson, isabella rodriguez, transferred “all” his solidarity and described Toscano’s words as “an impudent shame”: “We are not going to tolerate political violence against women.” For his part, the ERC spokesman in CongressGabriel Ruffian, he stated: “Damn the fascists who talk and the cowards who keep silent.”

From the PP, spokesperson for the party in Congress, Cuca Gamarra, has asked the minister for “respect”: “No one has the right to offend her and enter her personal life. Neither hers, nor anyone else’s. Respect is essential in politics.”

Attacks against Montero intensify

The attacks against the minister have intensified in the campaign of harassment and demolition of the right and extreme right by the law of the only yes is yes. This same Tuesday, the councilor for Cs and head of the Zaragoza City Council’s Economy and Innovation area, Carmen Herrarte, charged Irene Montero: “She is where she is because she has been fertilized by the alpha male.”

And it did not stop there. He affirmed that the Minister of Equality is dedicated to releasing rapists”. “They are releasing rapists and you come to make a feminist speech about them, them, them”. Before the intervention of Herrarte, PSOE, Podemos and ZeC left the plenary session and asked for his resignation.