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Vox files a complaint against Zapatero for collaboration with ETA


For the crimes of collaboration with terrorist gang, revelation of secrets and the omission of prosecuting crimes during the management of negotiations with ETA in its stage at the head of the Government

Santiago Abascal, l

Santiago Abascal, leader of Vox, at a press conference in Congress.

Vox has presented this Thursday in the National Court a lawsuit against the former Socialist President Jos Luis Zapatero for the crimes of collaboration with terrorist gang, disclosure of secrets and the omission of the duty to pursue crimes for the management of negotiations with ETA between 2005 and 2007 during his time at the head of the Government of Spain.

The party wields the content of some of the ETA minutes on those negotiations that were published by EL MUNDO. In them it is narrated that the Government will have alerted of police operations in France against members of the terrorist band with the objective of not truncating the conversations of peace. It should be remembered that Vox submitted a request for information to the Executive several weeks ago to have access to all the minutes on those negotiations and also to the complementary information on this dialogue held by the State.

Santiago Abascal was the one who announced the presentation of the complaint in a press conference in the Congress of Deputies, escorted by the staff of Vox, both the party and the parliamentary group, withJavier Ortega Smith,Ivn Espinosa de los Monteros,Macarena Olonaand the senatorFrancisco Jos Alcaraz. To give more solemnity, the 24 deputies were present in the press room.

The leader of Vox has explained that the lawsuit against Zapatero was going to be his act of homage in commemoration of the victims of terrorism and that his training was not going to participate in the institutional act that takes place in the Congress of Deputies. Waiving to attend as some victim organizations have done.

Abascal has justified the decision in which this institutional tribute has become "an alibi" for the "whitening" of the terrorism band and the negotiation process between the Government and ETA. What it allows, has continued, that EH Bildu attends "without ever having condemned the crimes" and without that ETA or the prisoners are collaborating to clarify the numerous pending murders.

In his appearance, Abascal has linked the criminal lawsuit against Zapatero and the non-attendance to the tribute denouncing that in Spain today there are "two convergent processes". On the one hand, the "whitening of ETA", in which the interview yesterday with Arnaldo Otegi on TVE was "the cherry", and the "separatist process" that leads to the rupture of the unity of Spain and the Constitution.

Regarding the complaint itself, Abascal has refused to extend it to other presidents of the Government because, as explained, is circumscribed to the tip-offs of police operations in France so that they do not detain ETA members. "That led to subsequent bombings later," he lamented.

In a later communique, Vox explains that the complaint indicates that according to what was published by the media on the ETA minutes "Rodrguez Zapatero was aware that the terrorist group ETA was manufacturing explosives three months before the attack on the Terminal- 4 of Barajas and nevertheless maintained the negotiation with the terrorist group ", which allegedly" facilitated information obtained by the police collaboration means of the actions that had been planned by the French police, thus allowing terrorists to avoid their action ".

"Then, on December 30, 2006, the terrorist group ETA placed a bomb van with more than 200 kilos of explosives, in parking D of Terminal 4 of the Madrid airport of Barajas, in which two people were killed," the report says. text presented before the National Court.

Vox considers that in the light of the ETA Zapatero acts, he will have committed the crime of omission of the duty to prosecute crimes, typified in Article 408 of the Penal Code, by "committing not to make arrests by the Civil Guard and the Police National as well as the Ertzaintza and the French security forces ". In the same way, it says in its writing that "it provided reserved information that it arranges for its condition of president of the Government of the Kingdom of Spain", thanks to which it allowed the terrorist band to evade the action of the security forces in France.

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