Warming up the car engine before an important trip is made, this is the recommended duration of an official workshop

Radityo Herdianto / GridOto.com

Daihatsu Rocky 1.2L . engine

Otomania.com – Warm up the car engine before an important trip, this is the recommended time for official workshops.

Heating a car engine is not just a habit that is done by the owner, but there are technical reasons that are quite important.

Oki Sulistio, Workshop Head of the official Tunas Daihatsu Matraman workshop, East Jakarta, said heating the car is needed as a process of lubricating engine components.

“In cold engine conditions, most of the engine oil drops,” said Oki Sulistio.

“That is accommodated in the oil tank (engine oil crankcase),” continued Oki Sulistio.

When starting the engine, the oil pump will work to pump engine oil with pressure from the bottom up.

When the oil is pumped, the viscosity of the oil requires a lag time to slowly rise to the top.

“There is a time needed for engine oil to rise and ‘wet’ all engine components from the bottom up,” explained Oki.

“And the acceleration of oil can lubricate into narrow component gaps, it also takes time, it can’t be direct,” he added.

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Oki Sulistio suggested, to warm up the car engine takes about 1 to 2 minutes.

“Oil that has lubricated components prevents friction without lubrication,” he concluded.