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Warsaw reported on the dismissal from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of all MGIMO alumni

The Polish Foreign Minister spoke about the renewal of the cadre. According to him, 435 new employees were employed, the ministry was left by former employees of communist departments and MGIMO alumni

Jacez Chaputowicz

(Photo: Markus Schreiber / AP)

In recent years, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland has almost completely renewed itself, the graduates of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) graduated from the department, said Polish Foreign Minister Jacez Chaputovic.

"We can say that the team of the heads of the ministry has changed almost by 100%," Chaputovich said during a speech at the Diplomatic Academy of the Polish Foreign Ministry, a quote is given in Twitter departments.

"Now in senior positions – in the country or abroad – there are no those who worked in communist departments or were graduates of Moscow MGIMO," the minister stressed. He added that since 2016 the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has recruited 435 new employees.


According to the minister, rotation is necessary for effective work, this is recommended for public services and is a normal practice in Europe. However, Chaputovich pointed out that in the case of modern Poland, it is also important to "identify with the policy of the state", notes PolskieRadio.

On the plans of the new minister, Chaputovich, who became the Foreign Minister in January this year, the personnel policy of the department was changed in the same month. Then the radio station RMF reported that Chaputovich plans to fire MGIMO graduates working in the department. They decided to make a bet on the graduates of the Polish Diplomatic Academy.


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