Watch.. A Kuwaiti doctor tells his experience with the problem of impotence.. and reveals the name of a food supplement that amazingly raises the male hormone in the elderly

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Dr. Muhammad Qassim, who is interested in Kuwaiti science, narrated his experience with the problem of impotence, and how he was able to increase the male hormone.

He said during an interview with the “In the Picture” program broadcast on the Gulf Rotana channel: “I have sexual problems, and I take medication to prove my sexual status, and this is a problem, especially for a person of my age.”

He continued: “In order to reach an erection, you need a motive, which is desire, but with age, you lose this desire.” And he continued: “I searched for a solution to my problem.”


He added, “I took a dietary supplement, called “TONKAT ALI”, and researched scientific research and found that this substance raises the male hormone,” pointing out that it was in the middle rate, in terms of hormones, and this was not a good thing for him.

The capacity is increasing

And he added: “I was searching and scrutinizing until I reached a controlled pill while I was in Britain and I was taking it on a daily basis, and after that I felt more confident in myself, and I discovered that this pill makes a person a quantum leap into something not normal for the elderly, and the ability increases, and becomes fierce.”

It is a dietary supplement

He pointed out that when he returned to Kuwait, he went to the doctor, and it was found that his male hormone rate increased from 16 to more than 32, pointing out that it was found that the pill does not have any problems and is a food supplement and is authorized.

He pointed out that such supplements can reduce the biological age of a person and improve cells.