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Liverpool vs Chelsea – Live Coverage

Liverpool – Chelsea Cenagli Manet opens for Liverpool (1-0)

Liverpool – Chelsea The match is back in its second run

Liverpool – Chelsea The end of the first half with a draw

Liverpool FC – Chelsea Canneganda Manet threaten Chelsea

Liverpool FC – Chelsea Brazilian Willyan rolls up the ball and reaches Liverpool but his shot went past the net

20 Liverpool – Chelsea Belgian Hazar tried to adjust the cuff after a midfield start

18 Liverpool – Chelsea Liverpool are trying to reach the fortifications of Chelsea through the organized attack and rely on the speed of Egyptian Mohamed Salah to penetrate the defense while the Blues seeks to hit the home owners with counter-attacks.

Liverpool 6 – Chelsea Egyptian Mohamed Salah threatens Chelsea

Liverpool – Chelsea The start of the game at Anfield Stadium

Liverpool – Chelsea A moment of silence in memory of the Hillsborough disaster, a stampede that took place on April 15, 1989, at the Hillsborough Stadium in Sheffield during the Nottingham and Liverpool Cup semi-final.

The starting lineup for the two teams:

Liverpool lineup

Chelsea lineup


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