“We are not thinking about Messi’s return” –

Club president Joan Laporta has spoken on the Catalan RAC1 show Tu Diràs in recent days, talking about when renovations to the Camp Nou are expected to begin and roughly over when everything goes as expected, but Messi’s possible return has been discussed, about which he said they don’t think about it at the moment and that he thinks Xavi will remain the head coach of the team for years to come because he has grown up for the job and is undoubtedly performing well since his appointment. The second part of the interview can be read HERE.

Women’s El Clásico at Camp Nou

“We made a call to the societies to come out to the match because we want to set a world record (in terms of the number of spectators attending women’s matches – ed.). Expectations are high, we are confident that we will be able to meet the challenge. We are proud of our players. Plus, they play amazing, real Barças football. Not the same as the man, but it’s also very interesting and good. Their game is amazing and they are the best in the world. They will see a full house. I see that they are all very much looking forward to this match and deserve a lot of attention for it. It’s gratifying to see how much they want success, and now I want to pronounce Madrid first and foremost. I know them all now. ”

Details of the agreement with Spotify

“They asked us for time because they had a board meeting ten days later, but the business was never in jeopardy. We want to keep the details in the Spotify agreement confidential for reasons of confidentiality. Since this is a good contract, I prefer to keep this situation confidential. The same is true for amounts. The contract is very good. The best contract ever; and connects us to a well-known company whose application is on almost everyone’s mobile phone and has a big name all over Europe… I want to explain the contract transparently and try to explain the numbers to the end, but I respect what the partner asks for. I will try to explain what I know without violating the confidentiality clause with Spotify. Theoretically, these figures should appear in the report of the next general meeting. We connect the club with the world of music and technology. ”

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Changing the name of the stadium as part of the agreement

“I wish Camp Nou Spotify had the final name, but they wanted it, and it was still a great contract.”

Start of renovation of Camp Nou

“Work is scheduled to begin in September. We have an appointment for a meeting with the city council in early April. We need to close the issue of building permits and the idea is to report it as soon as it succeeds. The application is scheduled to be submitted in July and they will have to start work in September. We are in a hurry because this process has slipped a lot over the years. But within the club, we are now assessing the impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We want everything to go fast, but above all, we are thinking in a modern facility and we need to cause little inconvenience to societies in this regard. The renovation of the stadium is scheduled to be completed by 2025. We can’t ignore the war, but I have to be optimistic that it will work. ”

Barcelona can play at Montjuïc Stadium during the 2022/23 season during the works

“We have a positive impression of this on the part of the city council, both on the part of the mayor and the city development department. This project is about the whole city and they support it too. We have plenty of time to find solutions to this, but it is true that concerts are held at this facility, for example, and we need to adapt to that. ”

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Would you like Messi to be there for the inauguration of the new Camp Nou?

“Of course I would. He is one of the biggest players in the history of the club. ”

How is your relationship with Messi?

“Our relationship is less close than before. We don’t keep in touch with each other personally because he’s in Paris, but I always think of him with good feelings. It wasn’t an easy moment for me to leave, and I would have been happy if things had turned out differently, but sometimes the club was the first one, and I couldn’t risk that. And finally we did what we had to do. ”

Is there a chance he will return to Barça?

“I didn’t get any message from Messi or his surroundings about going back to Barça. And we’re not even thinking about that right now. We are building a new team consisting of young players. But Leo is Leo, he is the most acclaimed player in the world. I wouldn’t say his return would be a step backwards. Leo is Leo, and in the state of mind he is in now, he is the winner. Messi deserves respect both as a player and as a person. ”

What positions would you sign in the League and the Europa League?

“I wouldn’t sign for the team to be second in the LaLiga and win the Europa League. I say this with conviction. We have the team we need to win the Spanish Championship. We’re in the final stages of the league, with a team that performs well, a coach who moves the strings great and who wants to win the La Liga better than I do. Xavi is mature, grown up for the job, which is essential and very optimistic. ”

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“I’ve been talking to him since the election campaign. Xavi will be here for as long as he wants. Xavi is a Culé and a Culé always wants the best for Barcelona. I am sure he will be here for many years because he knows and loves the club. ”

Would you choose El Clásico with a score of 0-4 or 2-6 and why?

“They are similar. I don’t know how many, but we could have scored more goals. However, the context is different. In match 2-6, we traveled there to win the LaLiga. However, the current result shows that we are on the right track. But there is still work to be done. I think this meeting has brought joy back to the lives of Barcelona fans. ”