“We have prepared a plan in the event of a rebound”, says Véran on RTL

“All the indicators show that the situation is under control”. Olivier Véran wants to be reassuring when he talks about the coronavirus epidemic. Invited to RTL this Thursday, July 2, the Minister of Solidarity and Health indicated that he had identified “more than 200 clusters” since deconfinement, in mainland France.

“For ten consecutive weeks, the number of cases has been reduced (…) There has been no community dissemination, from a cluster. Areas of virus activity remain confined to specific locations“, he added.

Olivier Véran claims to do “everything possible to avoid a rebound in the epidemic”. “We have prepared a plan for a rebound in the epidemic so that to avoid returning to a general containment solution. We provide protection for the most vulnerable, protection in nursing homes, a reinforced testing policy, “said the minister.

Where did the masks go? In an attempt to answer this nagging question, former health ministers were heard by the National Assembly’s commission of inquiry on the management of the coronavirus crisis, including Agnès Buzyn. According to her, the “stock management” of protective masks does not go back to the level of the minister. Was Agnes Buzyn convincing? “I cannot comment on a commission of inquiry since I myself was summoned there on July 28 (…) Not that I don’t want to talk about it, you know that I support Agnès Buzyn from the bottom of my heart“, answers Olivier Véran.

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