“We still have some fundamental work to do on dressage”, analyzes the president of the French Equestrian Federation.

The French, however, failed to bring home an individual medal in eventing, Nicolas Touzaint and Christopher Six placed sixth and seventh in Tokyo.

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“A medal is always good news and happiness to share”, estimates Serge Lecomte Monday August 2 on franceinfo, while France came third behind Great Britain and Australia in the all-around team competition in equestrianism. A bronze medal obtained this Monday which allows French riding “to take stock of our sporting level and international competition.”

If the dressage event went badly, the other two disciplines of the eventing competition: cross country and show jumping (CSO), allowed France to go up the slope. “In show jumping our riders have made real progress in this discipline”, details Serge Lecomte who points “a fundamental work to do on dressage because it hurt us from the start of this event”.

Serge Lecomte notices that several horses were in bad shape this year: “In riding you have to have two fit athletes: the horse and the rider and it is often more difficult to have the horses in shape than the riders.”

“We have had a lot of setbacks throughout the year with horses that have had health problems, but we prepare for it we try to have the widest possible range of horses to be able to have the choice when it was time to leave. We already had riders who had achieved real results in Rio, whom we could not take because their horses were not in good shape “, he explains.

“Whether it is for Christopher Six or for his teammates, their performance in show jumping and cross country is undeniable and it is worthy of the gold medal.”

Serge Lecomte

to franceinfo

“We lacked the jumping and the dressage to be able to be higher in the classification”, remarks the president who is satisfied with this bronze medal.

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