We study the sedan Omoda S5 in the budget version of Life: first impressions

The Omoda S5 sedan entered the showrooms of official dealers. Despite the fact that the car is not yet available for a test drive, this did not stop Chinese Automobiles from carefully studying its appearance, interior and features. And most importantly – to make a first impression of a promising novelty.

Met by clothes

Usually, for the first acquaintance with a new car for the market, car dealerships put on display cars in the maximum configuration and with a full range of dealer accessories. But not at this time. So far, dealers have cars in the initial configuration of Life. So it’s even more interesting – we’ll study where the Omoda S5 starts for 2,159,900 rubles.

At the front, a huge grille with branded honeycombs attracts attention. Under it is a lidar plug for adaptive cruise control, which becomes active only in the top-end Ultra configuration. According to modern fashion, there is a lot of glossy plastic on the bumper, which is diluted with bright orange inserts. All this splendor is crowned by slanting, slightly narrowed headlights and the letters Omoda across the entire width of the hood.

Omoda S5 engine engine bay

The initial configuration of the Omoda S5 is equipped with a 113 hp naturally aspirated engine.

In profile, the car stands out with a few sharp stampings, modest 16-inch wheels with unknown brand tires and a bright stripe along the bottom of the aerodynamic skirt. Nothing else to catch the eye.


Omoda S5 side back

In the back of the eye, large lights catch out, a rear-view camera is noticeable, a “fake” exhaust, and for some reason only two parking sensors. Whether this will be the case in all trim levels is difficult to answer, since there is no information about this on the official website. Arrizo lettering can be seen in the taillights, as well as in the headlights, as the Omoda S5 is a Chery Arrizo 5 Plus with a slightly redesigned front end.

Omoda S5 trunk

Since we came from behind, let’s estimate the volume of the luggage compartment. The lid flips up rather abruptly and reveals a medium-looking compartment. The volume of 482 liters is declared, but it will not work to fill the trunk with overall luggage – the outstanding arches take up quite a lot of space. I’ll immediately note the huge loops that “eat up” the volume on the sides – things need to be placed deliberately. No bare metal was found, and a “stowaway” was located under the flimsy floor. The back of the sofa is one-piece and, in order to fold it, you need to pull the latches on both sides of this very back. In the presence of a ceiling light, by the way, it is rather dim, but still better than nothing.

Omoda S5 salon interior second row of seats

Let’s move on to the back seats. The doors do not open at the widest angle, but getting on the back sofa turns out to be quite tolerable. Two people of average height will accommodate without problems, the third will definitely become superfluous. He will have to sit on a hard roller, the prominent central tunnel will prevent his legs. In the basic configuration, the amenities include an armrest, pockets on the backs of the front seats, power windows and one USB socket.

Practical features and interior ergonomics

Omoda S5 salon interior first row of seats

There is more space in front, and it is more pleasant to be here. In places of tactile contact between the front riders and the car, soft materials are found. But most of the interior is made of cheap and hard plastic. The presence of glossy plastic on the central panel is embarrassing – such a solution will collect dust and scratch with a bang. On the console between the driver and passenger there is an insert made of matte plastic, there are a pair of shallow cup holders and a modest box under the center armrest.

Omoda S5 salon interior

The chairs are quite comfortable, but with a traditionally short pillow. Impressive-looking lateral support turned out to be quite soft. But thanks to the body type, sitting in them is more convenient than in the “related” C5 crossover. More precisely about the convenience of landing can be said after a full test drive. The steering wheel is grippy, trimmed with pleasant leather. On it are buttons for controlling the audio system and cruise control. There is enough adjustment range, but I would like to lower it just a couple of centimeters lower. Nothing more to complain about.


Omoda S5 salon interior dashboard

Instead of the instrument panel, there is a 10.25-inch display with graphics traditional for the company’s cars. The monitor of the multimedia installation is of the same size. The menu is clear, responses to the touch are fast. I am glad that there are modern protocols for connecting smartphones. The volume is controlled by a convenient “washer” next to the CVT selector. Behind them is a small box with a sliding curtain.

Omoda S5 saloon interior central tunnel selector

In the initial configuration, a conventional air conditioner is responsible for the climate, which is controlled by clear and very convenient keys and “twists”. In the other two trim levels, single-zone climate control appears. The glove box was unexpectedly small, unfinished and devoid of lighting. I was puzzled by the absence of the eyeglass case in the usual place, but there is a mirror in the sun visor, although without illumination.

Omoda S5 screen media system head unit

In general, being behind the wheel is pleasant and comfortable. Hard plastics do not cause rejection, there were no obvious ergonomic punctures at the first meeting.


Summing up, it is worth recognizing that at the first meeting, the Omoda S5 turned out to be a very pleasant car. In its appearance, one cannot find bright and bold lines of the “related” Omoda C5 and these two cars are related only by the letters on the hood. But this does not prevent the sedan from being an attractive and comfortable car. However, a full picture of the new car can only be formed after a road test drive, which we plan to do in the near future.

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