We will not pay for tests to unvaccinated people from September, the government confirmed

Today, the government confirmed that from September 1, preventive PCR or antigen tests will not be covered by public health insurance. Exceptions will be children, vaccinated persons and people who cannot be vaccinated for health reasons. Vaccinated people are those who are waiting for the second dose or are not 14 days after the end of the second dose or have less than 14 days after the single dose vaccine.

“Given that vaccination is available today and will continue to be available to anyone who decides, preventive tests for travel, visits to pubs, concerts and the like will not be covered from September,” confirmed Health Minister Adam Vojtěch (for YES).

“Vaccination is a long-term solution, not constant testing. This is only a solution to the consequences, but we must support prevention, “Vojtěch explained. Czechs are now entitled to four antigen and two PCR tests per month covered by health insurance.

It is only possible to visit a cultural event or restaurant in the Czech Republic with the appropriate certificate. The visitor must demonstrate either completed vaccination, post-disease immunity, which is now determined for 180 days after a positive test, or a negative PCR or antigen test.

“We will see the situation at the end of the summer. The situation is developing relatively dynamically, “Vojtěch answered when asked whether these conditions for visiting restaurants or culture will apply from September 1, when it will no longer be possible to have a so-called” checkout “test.

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