West Java Motor Vehicle Tax Whitening 2022, this is the 5-Year PKB Payment Procedure

PRFMNEWS – The West Java Regional Revenue Agency (Bapenda Jabar) held a motor vehicle tax whitening program from July 1 to August 31, 2022.

The West Java Bapenda provides 5 vehicle tax whitening programs whose benefits can be utilized by the community, these programs include, free motor vehicle tax fines, free transfer of names II, free PKB arrears for the 5th year, motor vehicle tax discounts, and discounts on BBNKB I.

As a good and law-abiding citizen, paying taxes is a must. Taxpayers who have motorized vehicles are no exception, they are required to pay their vehicle taxes as well.

Motor vehicle tax must be paid once a year.

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However, taxpayers also have an obligation to pay taxes or extend the vehicle registration certificate (STNK) accompanied by a new replacement (TNKB) every 5 years as a condition that the vehicle is feasible and legal to operate on public roads.

Some of the requirements that must be prepared when paying the five-year vehicle tax are as follows, quoted by from the West Java Bapenda.

Vehicle Tax Payment Process Terms

1. Original STNK.