WFH Make Your Appetite Excessive? Here are 14 ways to reduce it so you don’t get overweight, one of which is to use a smaller plate

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Here’s how to reduce excess appetite. – It has been almost six months since the corona virus hit our homeland, and during that time we have been following the encouragement to work from home (work from home – WFH)

However, it seems that during WFH, the appetite of most people becomes bigger.

Even though there are many risks that lurk when we eat too much, including obesity or overweight.

Which in turn, obesity can increase a person’s potential for diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke.

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The problem is, many of us are often insensitive to satiety.

It feels like the mouth wants to keep chewing food and it’s hard to stop.

If you are among those who have a large appetite, identify various ways to reduce this excess appetite.

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