What amounts and mishaps does it cover every time you pay for the booth? – The financial

Capufe’s motorway/highway insurance is valid on all concessioned highways in the country, so if you are thinking of traveling to a tourist destination over the February 5th bridge, take into account its characteristics.

If you are one of those who every time you pay a toll booth, you make a ball of the ticket they give you and throw it away, you are making a mistake, because This is the official document to validate the Capufe motorway insurance.

This Caminos y Puentes Federales (Capufe) user insurance is called civil liability for damages to third parties, and applies when paying the fee at the toll booths and covers an amount of up to 2.2 million pesos.

What damages or claims does the Capufe motorway insurance cover?

If you have an accident on a highway, Capufe insurance covers:

  • Damage caused to the road
  • Damage caused to other vehicles traveling on the highwayincluding medical expenses for occupants and/or pedestrians who are injured in the accident
  • Medical or funeral expenses of the occupants and driver of the responsible vehicle
  • Regarding the Civil Liability of the User for Damages to Third Parties in their property or persons, the maximum limit is approximately 403 thousand pesos.
  • Likewise, the item of Civil Liability of the User for Damages to Pedestrians and Cyclists in their property and persons, the maximum limit of compensation is 2.2 million pesos.

What amounts does the Capufe motorway insurance manage?

Capufe indicates that the occupants of the vehicle whose driver is responsible will be compensated for medical expenses as a result of the accident, including the driver of the vehicle in accordance with the following parameters:

  • Automobiles, pick ups, cargo vehicles, buses, microbuses and minibuses. The limit per person is 146,356 pesos.
  • Persons injured from an affected vehicle. Maximum compensation of 2.2 million pesos.
  • Medical expenses for vandalism: 403,740 pesos per occupant at the time of the accident.
  • Funeral expenses per claim: 53,832 pesos via direct payment to funeral homes in agreement with Capufe, also includes funeral expenses for death by vandalism.

What does the insurance cover if the damage is caused by the highway?

In the event that the highway is responsible for the accident, the insurance will cover expenses for damages to the vehicle, occupants and the driver as a result of:

  • Landslides and landslides
  • Objects on the road (breaking glass, headlights and tires only when there is loose pavement due to highway maintenance)
  • holes
  • Baches
  • Spills of substances that put the road at risk
  • animal accidents
  • Expenses for damages that you cause to the general means of communication as a result of an event to the driver

In these items, the maximum amount is also 2.2 million pesos per event and 403,740 pesos per person.

How to make the Capufe insurance valid?

Capufe explains that to make this insurance policy valid it is necessary that you carry the valid circulation card and driver’s license, as well as ask for proof of payment at the booths. This role is important because it protects from accidents.

It is also specified that driving at excessive speed or under the influence of alcohol or drugs invalidates the insurance.