What are the main types of bikes now?

Photo: / Dovile Ramoskaite

Cycling is one of the most popular ways to spend your free time actively. Bicycles are increasingly used not only as transportation vehicles, but also for sports. Their high demand and the rapid development of technology have contributed to the diversity and adaptability of bicycles for almost everyone.


Choosing a bike can seem simple if its visual appearance is the most important thing. However, quality and good functionality are more important than looks. To make the world of bicycles much more understandable from the functionality side, take a look at the collection we have created!

1. Mountain bikes (MTB bikes)

Mountain bikes (MTB bikes) are multi-functional and suitable for riding in forests, rough, mountainous areas, tracks and off-road. Durability, speed and stability are ensured in all conditions. These bikes usually have a lightweight frame, big tires, powerful brakes, and lower gears to tackle steep climbs.

2. Women’s bicycles

Women’s bikes are put into a separate category because women’s bodies are different from men’s. Key differences from men’s or unisex bikes:

  • the overall length of the bike is shorter;
  • smaller diameter handles;
  • lighter weight;
  • more comfortable seat.

Although these types of bikes are specifically adapted to the anatomy of the body, there are women who prefer men’s or unisex bikes when considering other aspects of functionality.

3. Children’s bicycles

Currently, children’s bicycles are available for different age groups and levels:

  • bicycles (strollers) connected to an adult’s bicycle – for the smallest ones before starting individual cycling;
  • balance bikes – it is recommended to choose in the initial stages, when the child begins to learn cycling;
  • tricycle or bicycle with two extra wheels – recommended before riding a two-wheeler;
  • BMX;
  • mountain bikes;
  • city ​​bikes, etc

The suitability of the bicycle for the child’s age, height and fitness level is important. It must be a safe vehicle.

4. City bicycles

City bicycles are created for comfort, practicality, providing the opportunity to ride with a straight back on a comfortable seat. Its primary function is transportation, not sports. These bikes are recommended for riding on asphalt, pavement and other surfaces with a flat surface. If you want to live a greener lifestyle on a daily basis, choosing a bicycle instead of a car or other vehicles, then these will be the most suitable.

5. Electric bicycles

Electric bicycles are charged with battery energy, which makes it easier to pedal – climbing a hill will no longer be an obstacle. Also, the speed with these can be achieved higher than with ordinary bicycles. Although e-bikes have only recently appeared on the market, there is a wide selection to suit everyone’s needs and lifestyle.

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6. Road bikes

Road bikes allow you to get to a distant destination as quickly as possible (for sports enthusiasts). There are two main types:

  • for speed – the steering wheel is level with the seat, providing lower air resistance (the upper part of the body is tilted);
  • for endurance (long routes) – also called sports bikes. The rider sits more upright on the bike, the angle of its frame is concave, providing stability and comfort.

Such a bicycle is light, with narrow tires, intended for riding on flat road surfaces.

7. Folding bicycles

Folding bicycles can be a good solution if you live in a small area or travel often, as they are easy to transport and store. Multifunctional vehicles suitable for travel, bicycle tourism, group and individual trips. They have smaller tires that don’t slow you down at all. In turn, folding can be done in different ways depending on the model.

Photo: / Ralph Ravi Kayden

Did this article help you make a choice? Take a look at the website, where the aforementioned bicycles are available in a wide range. Have an active summer!