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Europe continues to support Ukraine by sending weapons to the battlefield. But what makes the difference in the war is the type of weapons that each individual country of the Union decides to send to Kiev. And in this context, as he points out ilFattoQuotidianolaciarazzi are decisive for the fate of the conflict “Matador“. These weapons, known in technical jargon as Rgw90, have a very powerful firepower. They are of German and Israeli manufacture and have been on battlefields for about 20 years. Kiev has ordered at least 2,500 directly from a company that supplies the German defense. These are lethal weapons for all tanks. A single “Matador” can be carried by hand by a soldier who can then point at the target and fire. The list of weapons sent to Kiev now includes 2500 Rgw90 , 1600 Dm22 anti-tank missiles, 3100 Dm31 anti-tank mines. The missiles will instead be sent directly by the German army, they will arrive directly from armed forces.

There is no other choice.  Nuclear war on live TV: Finland and Sweden in NATO, what is broadcast on Russia 1

All this is foreseen by an agreement last March in which Chancellor Scholz and Ukrainian President Zelensky, with a list, drew up the order of armaments that Kiev requested from Berlin and those that Germany plans to supply to Ukraine. At first Scholz he denied the shipment of armaments, but then, even under pressure from NATO, the chancellor gave the go-ahead to ship the armaments. And so from Germany the i Cheetah, armored vehicles that are very useful for anti-aircraft. And these armaments immediately had a first, decisive consequence: the Russian jets lowered (and greatly) the pressure on Ukraine because they were too exposed to the risk of killing. In short, the war is being played out on the edge of war technologies. Weapons arriving from the West can radically change the scenario on the ground. And now, in fact, with the Matadors, a completely unexpected reversal can take place for the Russians.



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