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What does AirPods have to do with cancer?

The United Nations and the World Health Organization (WHO) have warned that wireless headphones may pose a risk of cancer.

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Some 250 people signed a petition warning of many devices emitted by radio frequency radiation, which use Wi-Fi, cellular data and Bluetooth technology.

Experts warn in particular of the "AirPods" headphones as they reach the rear of the ear canal, exposing these fragile parts of the ear to the risk of radiation.

The jury is still studying whether these devices actually cause cancer, but studies of a type of radio radiation emitted suggest a link to cancer.

AirPods, where Apple sold more than 28 million pairs last year, do not just listen to the heads of our wearers, but wirelessly connect to the phone via Bluetooth, a short-distance radio technology that works by transmitting low-frequency radio waves energy.

The real risk of radio waves is at high levels, where heat can generate burns, but long-term exposure to low frequencies may be associated with high risks. Those animals than expected in a normal sample of the same animals.

These forms of energy are strong enough to destabilize atoms that form cells but are not strong enough to fundamentally change their structure. This means that radio waves are less dangerous than high-energy radiation such as x-rays or ultraviolet rays, but long-term radiation at very low frequencies may pose a health hazard.

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Last year, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) published further evidence that cellular transplants may actually cause certain types of cancer.

Scientists, who call for more censorship and warnings for all types of radio-based techniques, are particularly concerned about the density and proximity of Bluetooth radiation from the human ear canal and brain.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has announced that electromagnetic field radiation is a potential carcinogen. Wi-Fi has also proven to be a risk of cancer.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has set guidelines for the level of electromagnetic frequency (EMF) that allows different devices to expose users to it, but according to experts, research has shown evidence that the level of electromagnetic frequency may be carcinogenic at low levels.

Brain cancers are among the forms that research links with electromagnetic radiation.

Despite the lack of research on Bluetooth itself, the proximity of AirPods from the brain makes it particularly important.

Research related to cancer and electromagnetic frequency levels has also revealed that cell-phone radiation, which is no different from that of Bluetooth, may cause non-cancerous tumors along the nerve connecting the brain and ear.

Further research is needed to clarify the precise risks associated with each type of electromagnetic field

Source: Daily Mail


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