What is and what functions does a marketing director fulfill? –

In most companies of a certain size, there is a person who is in charge of directing the marketing department, because the functions and strategies that this area uses are very important for the development of an organization. To find out exactly what it is and what kind of functions a marketing director has, below we offer you all the information you may need.

What is and what are the functions of a marketing director?

The person in charge of marketing direction of a company has as main functions the organization and management of all activities of the marketing department, so you must manage the resources you have at your disposal to help the company achieve its global objectives.

For the success of a company it is important that each of its areas work in a coordinated way, and for there to be better communication between management and departments, the director must function as an intermediary.

Not all companies are the same, therefore, their marketing directors do not have the same functions, but in general we can highlight five main functions that are usually used in all types of companies, such as the ones we leave below.

Create the company’s marketing plan

The primary role of a marketing director is to coordinate all the activities that this area performs, in order to give the company greater visibility, attract as many customers as possible, and in this way, increase the volume of sales for the success of the company. It may seem obvious, but the truth is that there are many companies that do not have this type of planning.

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The director must organize and carry out the marketing management so that the department does not deviate from the defined strategy. In addition, he knows the budget available to spend it correctly, and has a global vision of the market, knowing the position of the company and its competition.

The strategies found within the field of digital marketing also depend on this professional, such as SEO or social media campaigns. All These mentioned activities allow a company to achieve all the proposed objectives in an easier way.

Implement the marketing plan

The implementation of a strategic plan to achieve a better position of the company in the business world, not it is only about creating a document with all the necessary information to be able to carry it out, but also has the responsibility associated with ensuring that this plan is used, and it is the director who has the knowledge to define how to do it.

It is about defining a strategy that can be joint or individual, to achieve the objectives. This means that not only must be known the resources and tools necessary to carry it out, but also, the director must use them correctly.

Lead the department and connect with the other departments of the company

The image of the company is the main concern and responsibility of a marketing directorTherefore, in addition to knowing how to coordinate and achieve a good work environment in such a particular area, you have to use these same strategies in relation to all areas of the rest of the company.

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How should you do it? Thanks to the coherence between the image of the organization and its reality, always showing the most human face that exists behind her, since it is something very important.

For this, the marketing director must be aware of all internal processes, in order to transmit them to potential clients, using all the communication tools necessary to express them in an appropriate way.

Collaborate with the commercial department

In the old days, when only traditional marketing existed, this department I used to be in constant conflict and confrontations with the commercial area, but all that has changed with the advent of digital marketing, which is now essential.

These two departments today complement each other perfectly, thanks to different collaborative methods, so that the strategies of both are used together, and even help each other to achieve their objectives, so that it is the marketing director who has to foster this union.

If you are wondering what is the difference between one department and another, marketing is not about the direct sale of a product or service, but to promote its commercialization, while for the commercial department, sales are the main objective.

Stay up-to-date with constant marketing innovations

The marketing department has more visibility every day, due to the arrival and the need to use the most innovative technological strategies.

A manager in this area must constantly update his knowledge and train to be able to communicate to his team all the new possibilities.

Top skills to be a good marketing director

In addition to having the best training and all the knowledge in online and offline marketing, there are other important skills that this professional must have, such as the ones we discuss below.

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With the necessary information to be a good leader, A marketing manager can influence the unity of the team to achieve success in all actions.

Strategic vision

As we mentioned before, the global vision is the way to achieve better communication, both internal and external, of the company.

Bear stress

Overcoming any crisis that may arise in the company is a primary skill of any director.


Know each of the tools and strategies that are emerging to achieve the best positioning of a company, since be it in relation to web design, social networks, e-commerce or email marketing, among others, is the fundamental role that a marketing director must fulfill in order to remain at the forefront

Ultimately, every growing company must have a marketing director who leads and organizes the tasks of this area that is so important today.