what to remember from the announcements of Edouard Philippe on after May 11

The main directions are finally known. Two weeks before the expiration of the very strict confinement, imposed in mid-March to combat the spread of the coronavirus in France, Edouard Philippe detailed the executive’s strategy for after May 11. During a speech of approximately one hour, delivered from the gallery of the National Assembly, the Prime Minister unveiled his roadmap, before submitting it to the advisory vote of deputies. “This health crisis definitely sends everyone back to a duty of humility“, He recognized.

LIVE – Deconfinement: find the latest information on after May 11

● No deconfinement on May 11 “if the indicators are not there”

Worried about “risk of a second wave“Which would strike a hospital tissue”weakened“And who would impose a”reconfiguration“, Edouard Philippe asked that this threat be taken”seriously” The executive therefore wishes to act with “caution“,”gradually“, and in “checking that we have control over the rate of circulation of the virus” Clearly, if the indicators “are not there, we will not deconfinate on May 11 or we will do it more strictly“, He warned.

● More compulsory certification within a radius of 100 kilometers around the home

From May 11, “It will again be possible to move freely, without certification”. “Except for trips more than 100 km from home, which will only be possible for a compelling, family or professional reason”, warned Édouard Philippe. Clearly, it will again be possible to “Practice an individual outdoor sporting activity” beyond one kilometer around the home, but forbidden to join another region without valid reason.

● Limitation of travel between regions and departments

To limit the “Interdepartmental or interregional trips”, “we will continue to reduce the offer“And”to require a compulsory reservation on all trains – TGV or not “, said the Prime Minister, calling on the French not to leave their department during the Ascension Bridge (May 21-24).

● From May 11, sufficient and mandatory masks in transport

The Prime Minister detailed his strategy “masks for all” “There will be enough in the country to meet needs from May 11“, He said. “Gradually“,”French people can, without risk of shortage, obtain masks for the general public in all shops” These will notably be distributed by La Poste, via a “e-commerce platform“, From April 30, and by local authorities,”to our most insecure fellow citizens” Wearing a mask will be compulsory in public transport.

● Objective of 700,000 tests per week for symptomatic people

The Prime Minister has promised that the country will be “able to massify»Carrying out tests from 11 May. The objective set is to achieve “minus 700,000 virological tests»Per week to May 11, not to be confused with serological tests. To achieve this, research laboratories and veterinary laboratories are authorized to carry out the tests. Everything must be done to make the realization of the tests “easy and fast“, Insisted Édouard Philippe. They will be covered 100% by Health Insurance.

● A deconfinement at the departmental level, classified “green” or “red”

Given that “the circulation of the virus is not uniform in the country“, The executive opts for a deconfinement by department. This one will be more or less “strict“, Depending on the health situation: the departments will therefore be classified as”green“Or in”red“, Every evening from May 7, said the Prime Minister. The “local authorities“-“especially” the “mayors” and the “prefects“- may”adapt»The deconfinement plan “To the realities on the ground”.

● “Brigades” to identify case-contacts, individual isolation measures

When a person tests positive, “everyone, symptomatic or not“Who will have”had close contact with itWill be tested. “Brigades” will be set up to identify and contact the case-contacts. These will then be “guests“To isolate himself,”taking into account the uncertainties about the incubation period

● Primary schools: “very gradual” reopening from May 11, on a voluntary basis

Prime Minister announced “very gradual reopening of kindergartens and elementary school from May 11, everywhere on the territory, and on a voluntary basis” The conditions are strict: no more than 15 students per class, application of barrier gestures, distribution of hydroalcoholic gels. Teachers “Will receive masks, which they will have to wear when they cannot respect the rules of distancing”. Unlike kindergarten students – the mask is forbidden to them -, and elementary school students – it is not recommended to them -, given the risks of misuse.

● Colleges: reopening from May 18 in less affected departments

Unlike primary and nursery schools, colleges will only reopen “starting May 18” Only the 6th and 5th classes will be affected at first, and this will only concern the departments where the circulation of the virus is very low. The head of government has promised that masks will be provided to college students who can wear them and who have failed to obtain them.

● High schools: possible reopening “early June”

High school students will not finally resume classes on May 18, as had anticipated last week Jean-Michel Blanquer, the Minister of National Education. A decision will be made “at the end of May”, for a possible reopening of high schools “early June”, promised the Prime Minister. High schools, such as nurseries, schools and colleges have been closed since March 16.

● Seniors invited to limit their contacts and outings after May 11

Edouard Philippe asked for “patience»To people over 65, particularly affected by the Covid-19. Without prohibiting them, private visits, particularly awaited in nursing homes, “must be surrounded by precaution, as exits” “By protecting yourself, you also protect the hospital systemSaid the Prime Minister.

● Meetings “limited to 10 people”

Édouard Philippe made a point of passing on a watchword: deconfinement does not mean, however, the authorization of “gatherings“,”as many opportunities for the virus to spread” This is why gatherings organized on the public highway or in private places will be limited to 10 people.

● No religious ceremony “before June 2”

Places of worship may “continue to stay open“, But Edouard Philippe asked them not to organize ceremonies “Before June 2” This clarification was awaited by the religious authorities: more than 130 priests and parish priests recently addressed Emmanuel Macron, in a tribune at Figaro , to ask him to celebrate Masses from May 11.

● No immediate reopening of cinemas, “big museums” and beaches

Social life will resume, but gradually“Warned the head of government. Unlike the cemeteries, media libraries, libraries and “small museums” which will reopen to the public, the “large museums”, cinemas, theaters and concert halls will remain closed. Like the beaches, “at least until June 1“; the parks and gardens in the departments classified as “red“; village halls and multi-purpose halls. In addition, collective sports will remain prohibited and a postponement of weddings will always be proposed by town halls, “except emergency” As for funeral ceremonies, they remain authorized within the limit of 20 people, without relaxing the rules.

● End of the 2019-2020 professional sports season, especially football

The debate stirred the world of sport: continuing the season in empty stadiums? Resume competition in August? Nothing of that. Édouard Philippe announced that the 2019-2020 professional sports season, especially the football season, will not be able to resume. Otherwise, “major sporting and cultural events, in particular festivals, major trade fairs, all events that bring together more than 5,000 participants“And are therefore the subject of a declaration at the prefecture, cannot be held before September.

● A debate and a vote planned on the “StopCovid” tracking application

While it was to be voted on today, at the same time as the deconfinement plan, the StopCovid project will ultimately be the subject of a separate debate. This tracking application must allow “to people who have encountered a person tested positive to integrate a health course“Recalled Edouard Philippe. But faced with the bronca of a large part of the opposition as to its possible liberticide character, the Prime Minister recognized that these questions appeared to him “founded” “When the application, under development will work and before its implementation, we will organize a specific debate, followed by a specific vote“, He promised.

● Asks companies to maintain telework

The “telework should be maintained wherever possible, at least for the next 3 weeksSaid the Prime Minister. The objective: “limit the use of public transport “and” limit contacts more generally“, He justified. “There is not a before and after May 11 on this subject” For people who will not be able to telecommute, “staggered working hours in the company should be encouraged“, he added.

● Reopening of all shops on May 11, except coffee shops

As of May 11, all businesses, “except cafes, restaurants,” will be able to open. The number of people present at the same time in the store, must be limited, and the flows “organized” Wearing a mask for the general public will be recommended for staff and customers. “A merchant may make access to his store conditional on wearing a maskSaid the Prime Minister. The prefects may also decide to let the shopping centers over 40,000 m2 close. A decision on bars, cafes and restaurants will be made at the end of May to decide if they can open after June 2.

● Partial unemployment measures maintained until June 1

One of the most generous partial activity schemes in Europe will remain in place until June 1“Announced Edouard Philippe. “We will then have to adapt it gradually, to support the resumption of activity if the epidemic is under control“, He added, assuring wanting”protect vulnerable people and professional sectors that would remain closed” Partial unemployment allows employees to receive 84% of their net earnings. This system currently concerns 10.8 million employees, or more than one in two private sector employees.

● Reduced public transport capacity to respect distances

The Prime Minister said that the capacity of public transport will be drastically reduced for at least the three weeks following the end of confinement on May 11, in order to respect social distancing. “It will be necessary (…) to condemn one seat out of two, to favor, by markings on the ground, the good distribution on the quays, to prepare to limit the flows in case of crowds“, Listed Édouard Philippe.

● Reopening of the food markets, barring exceptions

The outdoor markets and covered halls may reopen from May 11 if they are able to enforce the safety distances between consumers. “Unless the mayors or prefects consider that they cannot enforce barrier gesturesSaid the Prime Minister.

● A “risk of collapse” of the economy in the event of too long confinement

We feel that the prolonged shutdown of the production of whole swathes of our economy (…) would present for the country (…) a risk of collapse“, Alerted Edouard Philippe. All the economic indicators are indeed in red. France should experience its deepest recession in 1945 since 2020. In March, the country experienced a historic increase in the number of job seekers.


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