What will happen to Elizabeth II’s dogs? Cuddling against sadness!

Elizabeth’s grandson Prince William (40) spoke about all this shortly before Monday’s funeral. “I saw them a few days ago and I’d say they’re taking it well,” he said to a crowd of mourners in Britain who offered their condolences as he walked through London. “They’ve found a new home and I think they’ll be fine.”

New address

And what address does the mentioned new home have? Cocker Spaniel Lissy will stay with her trainer. And two other dogs – Elizabeth’s favorite corgis Muick and Sandy – were relocated to the Duke of York’s Andrew (62), the Queen’s second son. He still lives with his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson (62) in the Royal Lodge residence in Windsor. Not by chance. It was they who gave Elizabeth II. they gave the dogs away last year. “Before the Queen died, Sarah became very close because they went for walks together,” a source from Buckingham Palace also revealed, adding that the hounds are at least somewhat used to the new mistresses.

Cuddling against sadness

But they will surely also receive great love from the other members of the royal family, as Prince William also indicated. “In these difficult times, dogs – not just grandma’s – are very important to us,” he revealed. “I also cuddle our cocker spaniel Orla a lot now. She is great. And it helps me expel the spleen.”

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