what you need to know for a successful subscription

In recent years, online insurance has taken over from traditional insurance. They are easily accessible, secure and more economical with equivalent guarantees. Focus on online home insurance.

Online home insurance is an insurance subscription formula that makes it possible not to go through a traditional insurance agent, and this, simply by using the Internet. This saves time and money. On average, online home insurance is 20% to 25% cheaper than a contract taken out with a traditional insurer.
The online subscription process is quick and easy. All you have to do is complete an online questionnaire that leads to the subscription of insurance for your accommodation. Your insurance documents (contract and general/special conditions) are thus completely dematerialized and available in your customer area.

Which home insurance plans to choose?

An online insurance company can offer you different formulas, but you will find the same guarantees as a “classic” contract: civil liability, fire water damage whether you are owners or tenants, whether your property is your main or secondary residence. .
For example, when the customer takes out all-risk home insurance, he is entitled to the following guarantees:

– protection of property: furniture, kitchen equipment, electrical equipment, household and computer appliances, clothing, etc. ;
– water damage and its repair;
– glass breakage;
– the loss or theft of keys and their replacement;
– burglary and vandalism;
– fire-explosion and storm.

The general conditions of home insurance

Buying home insurance online is often easier than you might think. To do this, it is important to choose the right formula, namely the one that corresponds to your needs and the specificities of your accommodation. However, before signing, be sure to read the general conditions of the insurance contract. Indeed, these are essential in the choice of your home insurance. They allow you to subscribe in full knowledge of the facts to a home insurance adapted to your situation.

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