WhatsApp imitates Snapchat and allows you to draw on photos and videos

WhatsApp will allow you to draw, write and put emoticons and stickers on photos and videos, thus imitating one of its main competitors, Snapchat. The news is available with the latest update of the instant messaging app, as announced by the company on its blog.

Thus, you will be able to edit the images without having to leave the app itself to do it in other photo editing applications. Among the novelties, the following stand out:

  • Text can be added with changes in color and font style.
  • Front flash system that illuminates the screen in low light conditions to take selfies.
  • Zoom function to record videos, which is activated by simply sliding your finger on the screen. Possibility to switch from the front to the rear camera by clicking twice on the screen.

It is not the first time that Facebook has taken steps to approach Snapchat. First were the Instagram Stories in which images or videos are shared for 24 hours. then it came Lifestagea social network with videos for teenagers, whose resemblance to Snapchat was such that Facebook had to stand up to criticism to ensure that it did not want to sink its competitor, but rather learn from them.

Using this new WhatsApp feature is very simple. You will only have to open the camera and choose any file recorded at that moment. When you select it, you will see a pencil with which you can draw or an emoticon to add the emojis.

The new WhatsApp features are available in the latest update of the app on Android mobiles with version 2.16.275. It is expected to come to iOS devices soon.

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