WhatsApp Reactions New Feature Not Appearing? This is the cause and what WA users have to do

TRIBUNKALTIM.CO – The new WhatsApp Reactions feature hasn’t appeared yet?

The cause of the new WhatsApp Reactions feature has not yet appeared and what to do makes a number of WA users curious

You know, Reactions is a new feature of WhatsApp.

Meta’s instant messaging application, WhatsApp has just released a new feature called Reactions.

The Reactions feature in WhatsApp is actually nothing new to Meta.

In other applications belonging to Meta, Facebook and Instagram, this feature already existed before WhatsApp.

This new Reactions feature was released by WhatsApp on May 5, 2022.

With the new Reactions feature, it allows WA users to directly respond to chats from other users using only emojis.

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WA users can give WhatsApp reactions with this Reactions feature.

Currently, there are six emoji that can be used for Reactions on WhatsApp.