WhatsApp: you can now decide who can join your chat groups with these features

WhatsApp intends to make you adhere even more to group conversations. Sometimes messy or too demanding, the groups WhatsApp have often had the reputation of being out of control.

But Meta, the service’s parent company, decided to make it easier to manage and use these groups.

To do this, Mark Zuckerberg unveiled on his Instagram broadcast channel, in addition to a blog note, two new features, far from revolutionary but ultimately allowing for better organization of his application.

WhatsApp unveils two new features to facilitate the use of groups

No more intruders in groups

First, it will be possible for group admins to view and manage group membership requests from a separate tab.

Until now, when a person shared an invite link for their group, anyone with the link could join the group. From now on, admins will have the power to accept or deny entry to the conversation.

“We have designed a simple tool that allows admins to decide who can join a group. When an admin chooses to share their group’s invite link or make their group available in a community, they now have more control over who can join.

Second novelty: the vision of common groups with its contacts. Technically, this feature was already available when the user clicked on a contact card.

The functionality of viewing common groups was already available when the user clicked on the contact card.

With the update, it will simply be necessary to enter the name of the contact in the search bar. Both features will be gradually rolled out across the globe, including in France.