which ice cream should be avoided at all costs?

Sorbet, glace, Bubble Tea… impossible to resist in the face of these refreshing high-calorie little sins in the summer. While both sorbet and ice cream are known to be sweet, one of them is particularly caloric. Ice cream, a dessert made with milk, sugar and dairy fatrecalls the article by RTL of May 29, contains fat in addition to sugar. As a result, ice cream is more caloric than sorbet. The sorbet is much less energetic. Indeed, it is made with water, fruit and sugar.

To sum up, an ice cream brings 180 calories per 100 grams while a sorbet only provides 130 calories for the same quantity. The middle ground would be yogurt ice cream according to the article of RTL. The sorbet is made of water, fruit and sugar. However, it does not replace servings of fruit, even for its version “square fruit” which must contain at least 45% fruit. The sorbet, thanks to the fruits it contains, provides vitamins and antioxidants, but in very small quantities. Moreover, it stays very sweet taking into account the added sugar and the sugar provided by the fruits.

Avoid non-artisanal ice cream and calorie bombs

Neither sorbet nor ice cream are completely to be avoided among your little ones (…)


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