WHO is concerned about an increase in corona cases in Africa

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Dhe World Health Organization (WHO) is very concerned about the rapid spread of the coronavirus in Africa. Last week, the number of people infected on the continent increased by 51 percent, WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on Friday at an online press conference. The death toll increased by 60 percent. Given the lack of corona tests, there is probably a high number of unreported cases.

The number of confirmed corona cases in Africa is almost 20,000. Algeria reported 364 deaths related to the virus, 205 deaths were recorded in Egypt and at least 135 people died in Morocco.

The WHO called for African countries to be given financial support and medical equipment to help them fight the pandemic. The spread of the virus in Africa can still be controlled, said WHO director for emergencies, Michael Ryan. In order to achieve this, efforts to combat the corona virus would have to be intensified.

German Development Minister Gerd Müller is now pleading for the World Health Organization to be expanded into a kind of world pandemic center. “This pandemic is not the last,” warned the CSU politician on Saturday on Deutschlandfunk. And for some African countries, the current corona epidemic poses risks, including state decay.

New health threats had to be identified quickly and the procurement of medicines and vaccination campaigns coordinated worldwide. “The WHO has good conditions for this and is the organization,” said Müller. He hoped that Washington would also see this, since the virus “hits the population so massively”, especially in the United States. “The structures of the WHO are functional worldwide.”



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