Why are artists and labels protesting against Spotify? – The Sun of Toluca

The problems between writers and record companies with the streaming music platform Spotify are not new, despite the fact that it has reached important agreements in order to avoid copyright responsibilities, other inconveniences have arisen, especially economic ones, even due to misinformation from the vaccines.

In 2018 Wixen Music Publishing, an American firm that specializes in music property rights, was asking for at least 1.6 billion for some 10,000 songs, the company represents artists such as Janis Joplin, The Black Keys and Tom Petty.

Spotify had another lawsuit filed by Bob Gaudio and Bluewater Music Corporation and other companies, the argument being that the platform has not addressed the claims of writers and record companies, and in many cases without obtaining or paying licenses for the music it uses.

At the end of November 2020, more than 19,000 musical artists from around the world demanded that at least one cent be paid per stream, publish all contracts behind closed doors and credit all work for recordings, as well as put an end to legal battles intended to further impoverish artists.

And it is that the streaming model has not been able to demonstrate long-term economic viability, nor a sustainable business model, nor an example of good internal practice.

In February of this year, Spotify faced boycotts and drops in subscribers, as artists and podcasters began removing their content.

But everything intensified with what was announced (in January) by singer-songwriter Neil Young, who threatened to remove his music, the artist assured that the “podcaster” Joe Rogan had begun to spread misinformation about vaccines (Covid-19) in his program “The Joe Rogan experience”.

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However, since Spotify did not remove the denialist content, Neil Young removed his music catalog, which caused many colleagues to join him in the decision.

Joni Mitchell, rock legend and winner of eight Grammy Awards, joined the crusade against Spotify and Rogan, so she decided to leave the platform for the same reasons, other musicians such as the British James Blunt, have also already downloaded their content from the platform.

Also in February, MISFITS guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein expressed his support for the legal action led by Metallica leader Lars Ulrich against NAPSTER in 2000, but also expressed his annoyance against Spotify.

He said that the most annoying thing is that everyone steals music, while the musicians spend about 100 thousand dollars to make a record, suddenly someone comes and takes everything without paying.

He also showed his annoyance against Spotify for the meager compensation that the music streaming service pays to rights holders.

Adding to the artist snags, his subscriber projections recently fell short of Wall Street forecasts.

Spotify revealed that it would close the first quarter of 2022 with 418 million total users and 183 million paid subscribers, but the reality is that it is below expectations in both fields, coupled with the fact that the shares fell 23%, erasing the progress of the last two years.