Why are Pauline and Mathilde Tantot so successful on Instagram? |

Instagram is one of the most trendy and effective social networks for making success quickly. This is the channel that the French twin sisters Pauline and Mathilde have chosen to reveal themselves to the French and to the whole world. Consequence: they have more than 15 million subscribers on Instagram as well as hundreds of thousands of likes on their publications not to mention the many laudatory comments. The real question is, what could explain the resounding success of the Tantot twins on Instagram? Here’s what to understand.

They are exceptional binoculars

The resounding success of Pauline and Mathilde Tantot on Instagram is explained first of all by the fact that they are real binoculars. They take advantage of this and are perfect harmony in their various publications. They do everything together and only very rarely separate. They travel, party, talk about their daily life, of their family and friends. Their many subscribers are certainly attracted by this exceptional complicity.

The two twins stand out from the majority of influencers, by their beauty that they are not afraid to reveal through many photos and videos. They also highlight their pretty pretty side sharing each day fashion and beauty tips particularly trendy. This means that many clothing and beauty brands approach them regularly to collaborate with them. This still arouses a strong enthusiasm among the thousands of instagramers who follow them.

They publish sexy photos and videos

If the Tantot sisters are appreciated on Instagram above all for their beauty. Their success is further accentuated by their dream bodies that they show off also. Indeed, the two twins go even further by producing photos and videos where they are. almost naked. In most of the poses they do, they are in small outfits. In addition to their amazing body, Instagram followers can also enjoy their amazing shapely buttocks.

It must be said that nature has really spoiled the two twin sisters and they illustrate it perfectly through their naked photos and uncensored. For them, it is a way of revealing their forms without necessarily falling into vulgarity. It must be said that they have worked their bodies perfectly with assiduous sports sessions associated with a diet monitored to the nearest milligram. Result: it is a set of sexy cliches which appeal to the many subscribers following the two sisters on social networks.

They promote their clothing brand

The resounding success of the Tantot twins on Instagram is also linked to the clothing brand they created and promote. Khassani Swimwear, since it is her that it is about, constitutes a bikini brand which revolutionizes the Brazilian tanga. This creation has sparked a monstrous wave of success on Instagram and the sisters are surfing well on this one.

On their own Instagram account, the 26-year-old twins present the swimsuit models that are attracting fans. Khassani creations are sexy, feminine, high-cut and above all modern. Mathilde and Pauline themselves promote these bikinis, wearing them in sublime poses that showcase their generous bodies and charms. Each photo or video posted collects many likes from subscribers. The two girls also have other projects that they regularly advertise on their accounts. It is notably the creation of another sportswear brand called Popsgym which has recently emerged.

They are real influencers

In addition to achieving enormous feats in the marketing aspect, Pauline and Mathilde Tantot are also two outstanding influencers. In the field of product placement, they have now become benchmarks in the field. They use the immense success they have on Instagram to promote other brands with which they collaborate. They wear the clothes of these brands through various emblematic and charming places, from Paris to New York via London and again Rome.

Barely dressed, they walk the most beautiful beaches in the world, thus staging their magnificent posterior. These brands, in turn, benefit from their Instagram popularity and influence. The two young women twins also pose on Meet Your Model, a platform in the same category asOnlyFans where they are also very much followed and loved. Thanks to them, subscribers are increasingly interested in the products and mark that they represent. They are also regularly invited to TV shows, sharing the stage with big stars and instructors.