Why can't planes fly over Messi's house?


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The private life of Lio messi it's so little known that Did you ask that no airplanes fly over your house?. In recent months this version took hold but the reality is different and here we tell you.

It is true that about the mansion of Leo can not pass aircraft, but it is far from being a request of the player. The above is due more to an environmental law in the area where the residence is located.

Messi lives in Gavá, exclusive population to the limits of Barcelona where there is an environmental restriction that prevents airplanes from going over because It has a protected nature reserve with extensive animal life, so the noise of the planes could alter the fauna that inhabits the place.

The problem comes with the closeness that Gava has with Prat Airport, so the planes that leave there have to circumvent a large part of the reserve.

While the place is inhabited by many more families and has gradually become more populated, the land where Messi's house is covers a large part of the Catalan coast, thus increasing the restrictions for third parties.

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