Why is it necessary to consume water with a high pH value to increase body resistance?

Our need for water, which makes up a large part of the cells in our body, differs according to age and gender. Approximately 70-75 percent of human muscle tissue, 80 percent of its brain, 78 percent of its heart, 83 percent of its kidneys, 85 percent of its blood, 10-15 percent of adipose tissue and 70 percent of the skin consists of water. According to the recommendations of experts, regular consumption of beverages and foods containing liquids prevents water loss in the body.

prof. Dr. Neriman İnanç stated that not only insufficient water consumption, but also poor quality water consumption can cause many diseases and made the following statements: “Good and quality water is a very important element for maintaining a healthy life. As well as the cleanness of drinking water, its hardness also plays an important role on human health. We can evaluate the water we use in our daily lives under three headings: Natural spring waters, city mains waters and natural mineral waters. Elements such as calcium, magnesium, bicarbonate and iron are found in natural spring waters and natural mineral waters. The hardness of the water determines its quality and hard water is healthy water.”