Why the College of Physicians opposes early reopening of schools

INTERVIEW – For the Dr Patrick Bouet, president of the National Council of the Order of Physicians, “there is no medical explanation to be defined in the school environment first.”

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LE FIGARO. – Why is deconfiguring schools from May 11 a bad idea?

Dr Patrick BOUET. – This choice reveals an absolute lack of logic. We do not understand this announcement. The first decision was to close schools, high schools and universities. For two reasons. On the one hand, because we know that children are potential vectors without developing the infection themselves, with rare exceptions. On the other hand, because it is very difficult in a school environment to enforce barrier gestures. And now the first environment that the President wants to define is the school environment! How would he no longer carry the same risks? There has to be a logic between the claims of the government and those of the scientists. On the other hand, the President of the Republic indicated that until May 11, nothing changed in confinement. It is a strong act, and a good measure.

What are the health risks of early deconfinement in schools?


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