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Why the "Denver monster" confessed that he killed his pregnant wife and his 2 daughters

Chris Watts is a man from the United States who appeared before the cameras of the press begging information about the whereabouts of his wife and daughters. Everything was a spectacle, afterwards he confessed to having killed them.

The case of the disappearance of the family of this man of 33 years baptized as the "monster of Denver" moved the society of that State in the United States.

"I hope she's safe somewhere with the girls (…) Shannan, Bella, Celeste, if they're around, come back, if anyone has them, give them back," he said that time in front of the cameras.

When he confessed to the cruel murder, he justified himself by saying that he was in a rage because when he got home he found his wife hanging his daughters because he had asked for a divorce from the woman.

The investigations of the authorities of the United States revealed after the murder had been committed inside the house and that Chris Watts transferred the bodies to oil tanks of the company Anadarko, where he worked months ago.

Other information indicated that the father had an extramarital relationship with another woman.
But this week the investigation took an unexpected turn because Chris Watts pleaded guilty to killing his pregnant wife and daughters, all to avoid the death penalty.

Sources close to the confessed killer indicated that Chris Watts changed "drastically" attitude in recent weeks.

"He was actively participating in his defense, reading a lot and having contact with his lawyers," he said.

"He's willing to face reality now and decide which is his best move, he feels that people do not really know what happened, and that's frustrating for him," he said.

On November 19, according to the People media, Watts will be sentenced to life imprisonment, with no possibility of parole.


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