Why the price cap for energy is ‘a stupid plan’ –

A maximum price for gas and electricity, so that every household can continue to pay the energy bill, sounds like a great plan. But its implementation leaves much to be desired, explains Renske Leijten of the SP at Goedemorgen Nederland.

Firstly, the scheme is too complicated, secondly, there are many households that do not benefit at all, but above all: energy companies are the big winners.

Leijten does not think the energy ceiling is a bad plan in itself. “Many European countries do that too. That means that the households that are now being agitated with those high energy prices get some air. Only you shouldn’t give money to the energy companies in advance. You don’t know how high the purchase price is and how many customers “They have. The risk that it will then be reflected in the profits is huge. They have been a bit stupid in that. As far as the SP is concerned, we will therefore do the energy ceiling and compensate afterwards.”

The price ceiling, which is to take effect on 1 January, is also in danger of not being completed in time. That is why Climate Minister Rob Jetten is also considering paying a standard compensation for the first months of next year (just like in November and December). Leijten doesn’t like that. “Ultimately that is also bad use of tax money. There are already entire campaigns of people who give it away because they don’t need it and there are people who don’t have enough for it. That way you don’t spend tax money well either. It is a panic measure. I think it is unwise to do that.”

According to SP number 2, the best solution is to nationalize energy companies. She admits that it’s not that easy. “But we have also nationalized a bank in a weekend. For me, the principle that what should belong to all of us should belong to all of us is very important.