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Why web push notifications are ideal for re-engagement

It is not uncommon for marketers to be frustrated by potential customers who visit websites once and leave permanently. This also applies to studies that confirm that only 8% of first time visitors to e-commerce sites become customers. Fortunately, marketers have the opportunity to win back visitors. Time to focus on web push notifications.

Web push

The reintegration of customers remains a crucial task due to the high cost of acquisition. This becomes even more critical in the light of a Voice of Customer (VoC) study, which found an increasing trend towards customer churn. According to the survey, the pace at which customers' preferences and needs change is fast and quite volatile. Unfortunately, marketers are slow to acknowledge the changes and make timely adjustments.

However, once a visitor lands on your page, it is a clear sign of interest. Of the many brands available online, yours must have a unique quality that captivates him / her. Therefore, you must ensure that the interest does not go out.

But what options do you have to fulfill the task? Re-engaging visitors is possible in a variety of ways, but Web push notifications are striking. This article explains five reasons why you need Web push notifications for perfect reintegration.

Targeted visibility

The e-mail was and is an important marketing tool. Many companies maintain an e-mail list that helps them reach potential and existing customers. With the advent of social media, connecting with customers across platforms is gaining momentum. However, these people are bombarded daily with similar news from hundreds of other organizations for marketing purposes. Do you know what they do? Most of them do not read!

Your messages are on average nothing more than invisible if your audience ignores them as soon as they notice a full inbox. However, push notifications sent to a mobile phone or desktop are immediately obvious to the audience. In particular, more attention is paid to an unoccupied mobile device inbox than an e-mail.

Given the attention with which the notification command is triggered, your messages are clearly visible in a targeted manner. If you, as a marketer, can overcome the visibility hurdle, make sure you achieve unprecedented revenue.

Web push notifications attract high click rates

Is your audience clicking through your messages after seeing them? This is an important next step that informs about the effectiveness of the marketing method. The more clicks a message lures, the stronger the impact of the message. Fortunately, CTRs for messages sent via web push notifications are comfortably high. Try out Web push notifications Push Monkey has not tried it yet.

Typically, email notifications average only 2.43% of clicks, while the average web push notification clickthrough rate (CTR) is between 3% and 4%. If clickthrough rates matter, you know what you need to do to split the selection.

Easy to handle

According to studies, millennials are the most distracted generation ever. In particular, this generation has a slow desktop experience compared to Baby Boomers and Gen Xers. That's because they have a lot of devices to juggle and have to look through countless social media accounts. So you can not count on them to have time to search e-mails.

Apart from the fact that the public does not have time to search the inbox for your message, creating e-mails is cumbersome. While organizations like MailChimp have worked hard to streamline the process, you still have many choices to make to get a complete message. When composing emails, there is a lot to keep in mind, such as pictures, subject and format.

On the contrary, web push notifications require only one dashboard and a few clicks. Furthermore, the customer end is also easy to handle. All you need to do is click on the "Accept" button to sign up, unlike email notifications that ask and do not ask for personal information.

Recovery of abandoned carts

A major problem in the e-commerce world is that customers are leaving their carts. For this reason, marketers must try to help the customer regain some of the left behind carts. As tricky as it may be, the exercise can not be done with an email campaign.

As mentioned earlier, web push notifications are immediately catching the attention of the audience and are hard to ignore. As a result, you will probably be able to convince more customers about this channel, as some may have forgotten that they had cars on a particular website. All you have to do is attach an action button next to a discount code to the message, and the magic will run.

reduce costs

E-commerce websites deal with many customers. To reach all at once requires a lot of time and staff. If you use e-mail to retain customers, you need to use e-mail marketing platform services, which means you have to spend a lot of money.

On the contrary, web push services are surprisingly cheap. In addition, you can reach thousands of customers at the push of a button at the same time. This means that a single person in the organization is sufficient to conduct a loyalty campaign.

closing remarks

Well, no-one can take advantage of using Web Push as the leading customer re-engagement tool. From the above, anyone interested in reaching as many customers as possible without incurring high costs should start using web push notifications. The method is highly visible, easy to handle and inexpensive.

The web push notification method is the epitome of the effectiveness of a customer re-engagement campaign.


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