Will Fernando Ortiz continue with the Eagles?

MEXICO CITY, May 21 (EL UNIVERSAL).- While in the first team they wait for the second leg of the Clausura 2022 semifinals against Pachuca, the América Sub 20 won their fifth title in the category, after winning 3-1 (5-1) to the Tigers.

A message for Fernando Ortiz, who today leads the first team of America, but who came to Mexico to lead the Sub 20.

“The ‘Tano’ also arrived late for paperwork issues, then with his departure from the Sub 20 it got a bit complicated, but the objective was achieved with Diego Cervantes”, declared the Sports President of America.

“It’s the kids’ credit. The idea is to reinforce the first team with players like that. They have to go through a process, but it’s important to win titles,” declared the Azulcrema manager.

Regarding the renewal of Fernando Ortiz at the head of Club América, Santiago Baños pointed out that they are taking things calmly.

“Tomorrow we have an important match in Pachuca, later we will calmly resolve the issues. We hope to continue with a good pace in the other categories.”

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