Will Smith is surprised to confess that he thought about taking his own life

In the new YouTube Originals series, Will Smith looks back at his life like never before.

During the two years of coronavirus pandemic, the life of Will Smith changed considerably. Acquired some bad habits And, according to what he said in recent days, now he is dedicated to ordering his routine and recovering a daily life similar to the one he had before quarantine. Begin to. In addition, the actor is preparing for the premiere of The best way of my life, the YouTube Originals series that portrays this particular moment of his career and of his intimacy.

As promised, the streaming platform’s production will tell everything about the Hollywood star. It is not a mere record of the transformations that your physical health has undergone in recent years, but also of a reflection of your emotional life and her struggle to balance her mental health.

In a trailer that was released recently, it was known that the series will have six parts and will show Smith in different contexts: the professional, the family and more. In the trailer, the actor is seen sitting at one end of a table talking to his partner and children and making a strong revelation: “That was the only time in my life that I considered suicide.”.

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That intriguing phrase, about which he does not elaborate or give more information in the advancement of the series, allows the actor’s fans to anticipate that there will be shocking confessions about hitherto unknown situations. Towards the end of the clip, Smith reads an emotional snippet from his new book. With tears in the eyes, holds: “What he came to know of Will Smith, the alien annihilator, a great movie star, is largely a construction, a carefully crafted and perfected character designed to protect me, to hide me from the world. To hide the coward”.

The revelations of the protagonist of Men in black arrive after it was revealed that he lost the nearly ten kilos he gained during the confinement by the COVID-19. In May 2021, the actor posed in underwear and an open sports jacket that revealed his physique at the time. “I’m going to be honest with all of you,” he began to explain in the post. “I’m in the worst shape of my life”He added.

The photo of Will Smith that went viral & # xf3;  networks

The photo of Will Smith that went viral on networks (Instagram: @ willsmith /)

Anyway, his followers left him hundreds of compliments in the comments of Instagram. “You are Will Smith, you can be in any shape you want,” said one fan. “You’re living your best moment,” added another user. “This is one of the best posts in the history of social media,” added a third.


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